sorry, i'm new to the forums on this place, so my other thread got canceled.

anyway, now that i'm posting in the right place.

i'm looking for a distortion pedal that can give me the same sort distortion robert smith uses for the guitar solo in the song "10 15 saturday night". (the studio version.)

there's videos on youtube if you don't have it....not that i'm forcing you to watch them or anything...

i've got a fender japanese jazzmaster so i presume thats close enough to his american jazzmaster....

so yeah, i'd really apreciate it. i also listen to bands like the strokes...bloc party...kings of leon....radiohead, so if you could reccomend any pedal by them that'd be handy.

thanks for looking
a small vox amp, not really sure what model. fairly nice amp, but y'kno we also have some big ashton thing...haha...
i use a BOSS DS-1 for playing the cure, like what he would have probably used (cheap, like his guitar was at the time) athough I am playing through a humbucker, not a jazzmaster pickup. Anybody have good suggestions for a humbucker size pickup that is a single coil pickup? I am looking at the GFS Mean 90s and Dream 90s.
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yeah i was looking them up on ebay....unfortunately no ones selling.

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haha yeah i did, i just checked now, and there's 2 up now. probably should have a bid...

apparently an ibanez tubescreamers worth it at as well?

also, apparently the overdrive noise he gets is also from a fender amp...fender twin or hot rod deluxe?...or deville....anyone know which amp robert used?