Well i've been working on this for 1 day. It's still a work in progress. I would enjoy some constructive criticism.
the rhythem could continue through the solo, the transition into and out of the solo could be better. Maybe an outro? good rythem though and nice solo!

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I do love my Metallica. and i thought tht it sounded a bit like Master of Puppets but not too much.
Ouch, ok.

well, i can see where they're getting their MoP ripoff, but its only in one riff, and yes it does sound kinda the same, but doesn't every riff sound like another riff?

Ok, the Major scale is NOT working out. at 13-20, and every other place that that riff shows up, change it to a minor scale, and it will sound better.

Add drums please.

Bass would be nice too

the solo didn't really seem to fit, but i guess there's no rhythm under it to go by at the moment, i'd say that would be your next area to work on.

all in all, this isn't very good so far, but you could probably turn it into a decent song with some creative drums and bass.

Crit mine?