I've got a Fender Starcaster (strat copy, not as bad as the Squier, though), and i noticed today that the pickups are starting to get little brown speckles of rust on them, i'm getting a new guitar this summer, but still, what should i do? Is this bad, which i suspect it probably is? Is there any way i can fix this?

I dont know what you should do.

But Starcaster POWER!
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Dude thats crazy.. I guess you've exposed it to moisture? Umm.. You could always just replace them for pretty cheap if you know how to wire it, it's not too complicated.. Other that that I have no clue.. I would say replace them and get a nice case for your guitar to keep it dry 'n stuff.. Sorry if that don't help..
ehh.. sort of helps, and yeah, my guitar's probably exposed to alot of moisture, i dont' have a case, and my mom's always spraying some Febreze crap everywhere... my new guitar's gonna be in a case, but i guess i could just get some more cheap pickups (these are stock anyways). It hasn't effected the sound, yet, so i'm good for now.

it's just kind of scaring me.

have u tried just cleaning it?
it could b just some kind of dirt or weird substance that u could wipe off
i duuno, rust seems hard 2 believe for me
i just checked, and it's not any weird substance. I wiped and scratched at it with my fingernail, and it just feels really rough and nothing came off... it's just tiny speckles of rust, you'll have to look closely to see them, but i have a feeling they'll get bigger, so i posted this to find out how to stop it.

yeah steel wool would work
other wise just buy one of those pre wired strat pickguards and install that its much easier than figuring out da wiring urself
that and tell ur mom 2 stop spraying febeze all the time and clean in a normal manner if she wants it 2 smell like flowers
^ yeah, i've been telling her but she won't stop. But as soon as i noticed the speckles of rust, i was like "now see what you've done!!!" and she stopped doing it now.

My single coils are getting a little rusty. Still sound great though

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^ yeah, forgot to mention, mine are single coils too, if it matters...

ye i have the same prob but mine are the bridge and neck humbuckers of my ibanez rg370dx but its really no biggy.

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Quote by GoDrex
steel wool

Not a good idea

Steel wool is great for cleaning rust off matt finishes but there is a problem. Steel is magnetic and steelwool splinters and breaks when you scrub stuff with it. The little bit of steel will get sucked into the pickup because of the pickups magnetic pull. Once you get the little bits of steel in there they start to grind away at the fine wires inside the pickup and will eventually cause shorts which means major loss of power or they could possibly cut right through the wires leaving you with a dead pickup.

The rust it's self will cause the same problem so really, your best bet is to just live with runs on your pickups.
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