I was hesitant making my other songs for this "band" self-titled, but when I was through with this song, it just seemed to fit. This one's different from my other songs being more hardcore focused than metalcore. I had this idea of using the opening riff again later for a singalong/chant of some sort, but after I finished the last riff, I felt anything else would feel kinda forced. Hopefully I can think up some lyrics, but right now, all my ideas dont really work together and just feel scattered.

So here you go .
Sounds Great, But i was dying for you to use some vibrato on the A# note at bar 15. At the 2nd marker were u have it labeled 2. Maybe add a lead guitar because it feels empty because that rhythm kinda doesent cut it on its own. At 42-44-46-and-48 I love what u did using slides. Great usage... Ending was alright. I understand what u mean about it being forced. But other than that i thought this song was alright nothing amazing or unique but its ok... c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=862485
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