Youre not going to get a good FR for 60 bucks new. Alot of the stuff GF is made is asia and just isnt made very well theres a reason its so cheap.
when it comes to the speedloader, realize that you'll have tuning instability issues since it is not double locking. for subtle wanking it should be ok; but, i have no exprience with non-double locking trems. now, if you're more of an extreme wanker, pay the extra coin for one of their double locking units. i'm considering one myself & they seem like they should be solid (i.e. solid steel baseplate...not the whimpy zinc alloy/die cast that most licensed trems are made of, brass sustain block, hardened steel trem arm).
Speedloaders are pretty bad at tuning stability, as well as i've heard the strings pop out when you dive too hard?
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