if u have the little giant stack, wat did u think of it (pros, cons, sound of clean and distorted, etc)

also, is there ne place that sells blackheart amps besides gc in the bay area?

finally, is the handsome devil 15w head out yet? if so where can i find it, or if not when is it coming out?
go to my profile and check the soundclips. it's great on it's own for blues and southern rock, along w/ some AC/DC-esque crunch. w/ an OD pedal you can do tons more.

yea it's a mini-marshall and it rapes just about any other amp in it's price/class range.
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dude the clips r great man that's exactly the sound i need rite now
3 question 4 ya

-r u using an od/distortion pedal or is that just the natural od u get from turning up the volume
-is there a difference between the higher and lowe watt settings on the amp?
-is the ibanez toneblaster ne good?