We have to play for some thing and are just gonna do a few jam songs to kill time. Does anyone know what chord progression a rhythm guitarist could play while the lead solos? Also, what key would it be in to solo in the pentatonic?
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You don't really need a chord progression, but the rhythm should just play the main riff that the lead starts with.

A cool thing that my band does with it is we jam it into machine gun and back out of it, with the drums changing and everything.

It's in the key of Db minor...so solo away
Who Knows is a great song to jam on. Esp if the bass player and drummer can get the groove of the second riff, the one that comes in during the middle of the song and is heavily syncopated.

On video I saw him play it in key of D, but he was tuned down a half step.

But I've always liked to play it in Db too, because then you can use the low open E string for the lowest note in the riff.

I agree, riff would probably sound better then chords. But if you wanted to do chords its kind of a I IV bIII sound so in Db the basic chords would be Db ... Gb E Db ... Gb E etc