does anyone watch J TV here?

anyway they have this thing where they are trying to make the longest running song. you download the loops of the song and you can put anything you want over the top and submit it to be part of the song. pretty cool i reckon. theyre trying to beat 69 minutes.

well that probably a poor description

heres the link : http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/tv/interact/song/default.htm

have fun, you can sing about anything
Pssh... if it's got loops, then they're just failing. If I had a year, I could write and record a 70 minute song, without just having an eternity of loops.

Dunno if I'd ever be able to play it again, though.
i'd just do thick as a brick, except sing every instrument. that's only about 40 mins, so i'll just yodel the rest of the time i guess
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play the full version of darkstar and echoes which are what like 23 min each... just drag each song on until you get to whatever your trying to beat.... done
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Yeah but that would break copywrites and be illegal.

lol well then play it backwards... theyll never know
Didn't Dream Theater do something longer? I don't remember the name of it but I seem to recall something like this...
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