anyone ever put 2 jacks on one guitar?
im planning on doing this to a project soon

so that after the master volume ill split the lead into two and send it to two different jacks, would this work?
Why not get a pedal that does that (with stereo output)?
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actually, Epiphone's doing something like that with the new Les Paul Ultra... Except theirs has a mono and a stereo jack, not jacks to send the signal to 2 different amps.
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Well, hmm. What if you wired each pickup to their own volume and tone pots, and gave each an output jack? That would solve the volume issue as far as quick switching, but that limits your tone :P Unless, of course, you were going to give each a volume pot along with a master volume, then I dunno, I don't see why that wouldn't work, although I'm not sure if you'll get full signal strength. I'm not very electrically inclined--sorry :P just thought I'd give ya some suggestions