So i watched this episode about six months ago and it was my favorite episode of any tv show ive seen. I do not remember which it was but i know it was come time of crime investigation type of thing. I think it was csi but anyways, this guy kidnaps some kid and there driving around in the rain and he tells him he is goign to kill him, he makes him write out a last will and testament. In the meantime a man is confessing to this crime and that he eventually buried this kid alive, and he just buried someone else a few hours ago and he has a little bit left to live underground. Also i remember a part that the kid wants to go where he played with the horses in the field or something like that. Has anyone seen this episode? I would love to watch it again.
sounds pretty gay. just kidding. i haven't seen anything like that
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I remember seeing that and flipping through it. Im pretty sure it was a movie too. I think it might have been on Lifetime (the channel for women (almost a direct quote on their ads). How many dead people shows do we need, grrr.
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im positive it was not CSI LV or Law and Order SVU, as those are my favorite shows and i have seen all episodes. Not sure about any of the rest though.
Honestly. Wtf?

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I really dont know, this was when i lived with my sister and she dvred all these shows and i just sat it on one once, i really have no idea what show it was. I believe that there was a female investigator that guy the guy confesses to the crime to tell them where the body was. I believe she told a story of how she had to shoot a mother who had a gun but she knew that mother had aids and she was holding a baby. Ring any bells?