Hey guys,
I'm new to the UG forums, but have been a reader for quite a while. I really feel like it's time to upgrade my old acoustic, currently a very cheap Johnson model. This is the model I'm looking at:


I have no problem with the roundback, in fact I feel it's much more comfortable. I liked the sound of it too when I played it in the store. My Guitar Center only has the Koa model, which is the one I got to play and try out (anyone know anything about the sound/playability of the black cherry quilted-maple?). But before I seal the deal, I wanted to know what more experienced people think. I've seen the threads about only high-end Ovations being worthwhile, but I'm not sure where this fits. I'm really not looking to go above $600, and I definitely want a cutaway acoustic-electric with a built-in tuner. Thanks!
generally non-US made ovations have suspect quality. however, this usually applies to the really cheap ovations.
My opinion of ovations is this...

- great necks, play like electrics
- look nice
- convenient electronics, the better ones sound very good plugged in
- very unique sound

- sound like crap acoustically
- I get no feel off them (I can make it sound good, but they just don't give me a good response to feel when I play them and get no inspiration at all)
- that unique sound might not be good for everything

Personally, I'd recommend an decent acoustic with a SOLID wood top. If you NEED a pickup right now, then look for that. If you just WANT one for sometime later, get a better guitar for the money and buy a decent pickup later.

I've played that guitar in particular before. For me, it did nothing at all, and I didn't like it, but that's a personal thing. I can pick up other guitars that - to me - practically play themselves since they "fit" me much better, and I can play it all day without even thinking, ideas just flow right out of them so easily. Although I like the idea of Ovations and the tone, I can never get that same inspiration out of any that I've played, though a lot of other people do.

If it fits you, and you absolutely love it, by all means get it
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try it out.. you'll know if it will last when you touch it.. buy it if you like and then take good care of it.. even the crappiest guitar will last when well taken care of..