First one I think it's pretty good....Could revise some of the start? looking for ideas?
the first initials have to be the same as they are it kinda has a meaning to it. The first section is the only one with the first letter meaning the rest doesnt have one.

Girl come to me.
Underneath these broken stars.
Your voice is all I need,
Calling out from the dark.
Realize I never meant to hurt you,
After all that we've been through.
Zero tolerance for devotion,
Your love is like an ocean.
Reel me in or let me drown.
I'm falling through the depths.
Never learned to swim
Cause you always held me up.
Every second like an
S.O.S to my heart.
Sinking into the shallows.....

So sail your ship on by.
I see your reflection in the sky.
Thought you'd made up your mind,
Then you left me far behind.

Sinking down below
Your stupid, shallow,
Words that don't mean anything.
Lying is the only thing,
That got us this far.