Since AVG Free 8.0 is a bloated pos, and they'll be discontinuing 7.5 (so I heard), I'm looking towards Avast!, and the opinions and experiences of those who have used it.

1. Can it do whole computer scans on command and on schedule?
2. Will it bug me every time I open MSN, even though it's in the exception list?
3. Is it constantly running and checking?


Edit: Also, please do tell me if you like Avast!, don't like it, etc.
Alright I think you can make schedule scans. No it doesnt bug me when I open msn.
For me it doesnt look like it uses a lot of resources. CPU use is at 0.

It updates almost everyday as soon as windows starts up.
Quote by TehPwn3r
Just Torrent AVG 8.0 for free.

Why would I want to torrent something I can legally download for free, that I already have and am looking to replace?

Next time read the thread.

I also just read that I'd need to register after 60 days, then buy it after a year?? How is this free? Sheeeesh. Is there a way around?