To your eyes the masses are a gasoline
Contemplating a flick of the match
Set ablaze the truth and a blazing lie is what you'll get!
Cryptic your code seems...
Lie again and again- go paint town the red!
You won't make a fool out of me!

Their is knowledge at hand
Their is information at stake
This is a masquerade, take off the mask
(He's a fake! He's a fake!)

Open up the book once more
What trick is left?
You've stolen all the good ones
To leave the unfavorable rest

Exhale a thought like you're running out of breath
Inhale ideas like you're drowning out of debt

Here's pressure from the other side
Which one weighs less?
To stay on your corporate part of mind
You'll have creation wear a dress!

Go forth you noble liar,
Set forth the world on fire.
Simply, the world was too small for a man of his ambition.
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