One of our other first songs, Might need alittle changes? Ideas if have you any? feel free to speak your mind....
Pretty much about a girl that i really liked and seemed like she liked me back, but in the end didnt after all i guess, and just about me trying to get her, but was never getting anywhere.

Run, run, run,
As far as you can go,
Don't forget to stop,
When you can't go on,
I know you don't want to, but you're afraid,
To show your true feelings for anything.

Run, run, run,
Don't do this to your self.
Run, run, run,
It's just a matter of time.
Run, run, run,
You're hurting me.
Run, run, run,
Run, run, run.

I learned love,
The first time i saw you.
I didn't want you to go,
But you wouldn't listen.
I didn't think you'd actually go,
But i guess i was wrong to suspect you wouldn't.

Now I think of you every night,
As if you were a bad dream,
that just doesn't seem to want to go.
Now I wish all this was a dream,
And that you were still by me.


Time passes so fast,
And it looks that you're not coming back.
I've gave it much thought,
And now I've figured I'd give you up.

Run, run, run,
You're hurting me,
Run, run, run,
I'd only wish you'd come back.

run, run, run,
run, run, run,
I think she's gone,
good bye...
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