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About a girl who i really liked, but was seeming to change to something shes not, and about how i hoped she would just become how she used to be.

If my life just fell apart,
And all I needed was you,
Would you be there for me?
Or just disappear.
You mean everything to me,
And I'd do anything just to stand by you.

You've changed so much,
And i just stood by and watched,
I should of tried and stopped you,
But instead, i was careless,
And just let you pass by.

I wonder if anything i say,
Could change the way you think,
And if it would convince you,
to Go back to the way you should of stayed.

I often wonder where you went,
And if your still out there.
But im still alive,
and here waiting,
For the one day you return.

I love you and always will.
You may not realize the pain,
But if you looked through my eyes,
All you would see is your face.

You've changed so much,
And I just stood by and watched.
I should of tried and stopped you,
But instead, I was careless,
And regret everything I let you get done.

I ask again, If I waited here for you,
Would you come to my rescue?
Or just leave me here to die,
And become miserable with out you.
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