What I mean is C - A low tunings.... yeah I know, I have a retarded sense of humor but anyways...

I need songs that are in C,B,A and lower tunings.

thanks guys.
4th of july by soundgarden sounds like its really low. at least drop C if i had to guess.
i hope thats the song im thinking of.
Killswitch Engage is in drop C
As I Lay Dying is in drop C(before anyone flames me, they do have some really interesting riffs)
Parkway Drive is in drop B, and their stuff is amazing.
Mastodon has a few good songs in Drop A that I know of, like March of the Fire Ants and Iron Tusk, as well as a newer one. Skillet plays in Drop B, Bring me the Horizon is in B, Queens of the Stone Age is normally in C Standard, whihc is a standard tuned guitar dropped 2 steps down. System's best stuff (pre-Mezmerize/Hypnotize) was in Drop C.
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most hardcore artists are in drop C, or B
empty the bullets from the chamber
Machine Head plays in Drop B or Drop C, and don't tell me Davidian isn't really heavy.
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Nile, Amon Amarth, and Job for a Cowboy.
Also, I believe John 5 does "American Witch" on his baritone - like on Letterman.
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Strapping Young Lad - Open C Major with a Drop G.

Drop G ??!?! wow....
Meshuggah uses 8-strings with the lowest note being F#

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^Do they play with that new warwick Darklord bass?

And has anyone ever tuned to drop E?

It'd be just like playing bass!
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