its already finalized what it is going to be
My mom chose it for my birthday, but im not supposed to know.
go and laugh but its actually pretty awesome.

shows that she at least cares right? HAHA!

A BC Rich Warlock. or some model of it, i just saw a
an order for a BCWar on the guitar center reciept with
yesterdays date on it.

Now - its got a hard tail wont it? or so says BC's site.
so that means no dive bombing on it. but i love my
whammy so is there any way to get it to fit a trem system onto it?

I dont mean to sound like an ingrate if i do. this is the
coolest thing my mom has ever done for me.

TIA :]
- ChrisBob
you CAN get a trem on it
but is going to cost you money for routing
and all that crap.
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Its the original i assume
if im right, she wont wanna spend a lot of money on it
but will want it to look like she did haha.

im sure it'll take money to do, but thats how you get anything done :P

anyone got an estimate?
- ChrisBob