Hey people,

I've been interested in getting a new amp in the near future. I want to finally make that transition from solid state to tube. That being said, I want to make sure that it's a very versatile tube amp. The tone I'm most interested in obtaining is that round tone with a lot of mids (think Yngwie or MAB). It also has to have good cleans and good distortion, but not insane amounts of gain. I play Thrash Metal, Neo-Classical material and Blues. I've used the Peavey JSX and it is a very good amp, but I feel something missing or that it could be better. I'm looking into Randall amps that have the switchable module feature, but I haven't been able to test one out because there doesn't seem to be a dealer that has those amps in LA. The ENGL Powerball is another one I'm looking at, but also have tried it out. I have high expectations for the Powerball from all the reviews I've read. I appreciate all good feedback.

Definitely look into the B-52 AT-100. The cleans are great, and the distortion goes from Blues to Classic Rock to extreme br00talz metal tones.
what's your budget?
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