Right now I have a gt-6. Its decent, but I wish I had gotten something else (hastily bought it a few years ago when I was very new to guitar).

What are some of the advantages to having each pedal being an individual pedal, all linked together, rather than having it all in one box like the gt-6.

Also, are there any cons?

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imo with the stompboxes you generally get a higher quality effect, and you are able to customize it further than you could on a multi-effects unit. The cons are the stomp boxes are relatively expensive, and they wont all suite your tastes and styles. I have a digitech Rp150 which i never use, and 6 or 7 single effects, which are all digital.

It turns out that id rather have the flexibility of the individual effects. I did notice that my effects chain sucks the tone right out of my strat, but rationalize it with: I only need these effects for playing around with myself, or playing live; where imo tone matters less. I do not have the capacity to produce a professional recording but if I were ever to pay for one, I'd just use their rack units.