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Lead Singer
7 9%
58 73%
9 11%
5 6%
Voters: 79.
How do you rock out to a song?

Which member of the band are you?
Hey look, a stoner/doom album.

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With my cock out.


Anyways, I just quietly enjoy my music. No headbanging (not excessively, anyways), no jumping around.
Lead guitar + Lead saxophone + Back vocals.
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I'm the guy who rams the Mic into the other member's asses

A cookie to whomever gets the reference, I'm not going to lie, its tough
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I act like a tree wizard
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My friend and I usually switch off leads during gigs, and have some small blues duels or whatever. Usually gets the crowd into it.
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With mah lightnin cawk out for sure.

Also, lead guitarist.
Possibly soon to be singer.
I <3 Drugs.

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With my rock out.

You have talent. To cawk out with your rock out is quite a feat
Vocals and guitar...

But I honestly consider myself a guitarist, first.

Well, songwriter first, actually. But still.
I are guitarist and Singer >3
Bass, guitar, and singer. I get around.
I try not to get too far away from the mic (I'll get into it and forget I have to sing) and try not to drop my bass.
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Wow, only 1 bass player?

EDIT: Or 2...

I'm a bassist but I'm playing more drums at the moment, so I voted drums!
Bassist, I just do whatever, even did a gunslinger once, but that was with guitar hero...
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Overwhelming margin of guitarists vs other roles. Of course, this is Ultimate-Guitar.com, not Ultimate-Drummer or Ultimate-Vocalist...

Anywho, I play Rhythm/Lead guitar in a Southern Rock/Country band.

Also, at this point, I play *cough*everything*cough* in Ord, an experimental Death/Black/Folk/Prog/Thrash Metal band I'm playing around in. I know some guys from school that I'm going to see about hooking up.

Another guy in my grade, Junior in HS, is a good bassist. Another guy, in the grade below me that I play football with is a really good guitarist and just about the only drummer in our school than plays metal. The other guy is an 8th grader that can ****ing shred like nobody's business. Crazy little dude. 13 yo and can tear up some Petrucci licks like crazy. Needless to say, I'll be doing the riffing in this project.
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I rock the lead triangle
Se habla español

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I wish you would have made it a multi-choice, cause I DO IT ALL.
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