Ok, so here's the deal, I'll try to run it by you quick and simple, so here we go.

I have a game, that I love, called Caesar 4. Loved it, couldn't get enough, I played it a lot. But I've kinda let up on it, so I loaned it to a friend so he could install it on his computer. Fair enough right?

So here's where the tech-y stuff comes in. I figure I'm not really done with it, but I can't get the game back till Saturday. So I downloaded a crack of the game (sorry, I know ) so that I could play the game without having to use the CD's. (The game was installed on my computer, I just didn't have the CD's I needed to play.)

Now I have the CD's back, and I was wondering if there was a way to put the original files back onto the computer so that my game would "have to need the CD to run" again, without re-installing the entire game? Does this make sense?

The game plays online, and I don't want to risk playing it online with an illegitimate crack file. So I would rather play it with my CD's, that's why I want to do this conversion.

Basically: Need CD's to play, gave CD's to a friend, can't play without CD's, download crack, play without CD's, get CD's back, want my game to run with CD's again.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Did you delete/crack the original EXE file? It's best to copy it for, backup purposes. If it's not copied then I think you need to re-install, most games let you keep saves and settings anyway.
even if you cracked the game you can still play online, online play only checks for your CD-key/serial number or whatever you want to call it. (assuming you just used a no-CD patch, which is completely legal as far as im aware, i do it with all the games i buy because i cant be arsed putting the CD in when i want to play)

funnily enough that means if you and your friend try to play online you both wont be able to.
if you deleated the original EXE file you will need to re-install the game.

what i allways do is put the original EXE files tucked away in some folder or another so i know where it is at incase i need the original later on; for one reason or another wether it be corrupt crack or whatever. (usually in the documents folder in under the game folder becasue it usually has nothing but legal jargon text files anyways)

if you did not save the original EXE file you will either have to download the original one (good luck there) or reinstall. However you can look throu the program files and find all of your save games and move them all to a folder in your documents. then after re-install put the files back in the same folder you got them from.

ALSO on some games when you uninstall it will ask you if you want to keep all of your save games after uninstall if that.

if i were you i would check your recycle bin for the original EXE file it should still be there unless you eptied it sense then.

hope this helps if none of that works for you then im not sure what will. thats all of the knowlage i can give you. one of those should work.
the first step i would take is check recycle bin for original EXE file.

if it's not there then copy all of your save games into a documents folder (COPY>PASTE) then uninstall.
if it asks if you want to keep save games, GREAT! if not you already backed up the file so no worry just put the save games back where you got it from and you are good.

oh also you might want to backup your custom maps too! you should make a CEASER4 folder in docs. make 1 folder inside it for save games , and another folder inside of it for custom maps.
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If you own a legal copy, the crack isn't illegal for you. If you don't experience problems, you're good to go. If it was just a NOcd crack, why worry about it? Now you can pack the game away and not worry about it getting damaged. It's only illegal if you don't own a license/copy of the game.
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