Wire, XTC, and Beulah?

There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.
going to listen in 30 minutes, but judging from the tracks it seems great... i listened to it and i thought it was quite well put together.

i also found this script for Firefox that will scrobble anything you listen to on muxtape.

it is sort of finicky at the moment and you will need to install the Greasemonkey Plugin, but it is a neat concept.

The Still Continuing Sign-Up List and Archives

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August 17th - European Son
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I enjoyed it.
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Quote by European Son
Can I do one of these?

sure can! i'll sign you up.

anyone going to do one for this week since whoever (bah humbug?) was doing it couldn't get it to work?
i don't think so, all i know of is a 12 track limit and probably one on file size.
Quote by uhh_me?
i don't think so, all i know of is a 12 track limit and probably one on file size.

Good, good. The playlist is just under an hour anyway and there's 11 tracks.

I'm just waiting for a few songs to convert to MP3 format and then I'll upload them to Muxtape.
I have question. Does it have to be strictly Alt/Indie artists or Alt/Indie related? Or can I put pretty much whatever I like on the list? I mean, are any musical boundaries or limits set?
nope, do whatever you want. it is your playlist and you have complete control over it.