Im thinking of makeing a virtual band where the band members are from the internet. So if any Bassists, drumers, vocalist or guitarists are interested e-mail me at shut_up_707@hotmail.com. Im planning to play mostly metal and ill be use guitar pro to communicate musical ideas.

ive posted this in the "music" forum as well
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how do we record

via guitar pro, you exchange ideas
one makes a guitar riff in there, and sends off to someone
then they do the bass line, send off to another
another does drums, etc etc
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but that isn't recording...

I mean,
yeah we could use it to exchange ideas but we would still need to actually record.


By the way this sounds kind of cool.

What kind of metal?
Bah! Guitar Pro! Wouldnt it be smarter to make a riff, record it with a VST (like Audacity or Krystal), convert it to MP3(to save disc space and time), attatch it to an email, send to whoever's doing the bassline, have them download it and convert it back to WAV (so they can drag it into the VST program), and record the bassline underneath? And do the same with drums? That what i do with my band that lives a couple of hours drive away.
I would, but I'm not on a PC at the moment, it's being repaired. Sounds cool though.
Oh! You could record using Garage Band - I don't think you need a mac!

I've done this before :
Using GarageBand you record live music (providing you have a Mic to pick it up on your computer) and you can then send it to iTunes, and using like, MSN or something you can send it to each other. Then you layer the songs on Garageband once they're all done!

Good Luck!
GMC did this I think where they have a whole lot of virtual bands made up from people on their forums.
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I'd be lead guitarist.


This thread is just gonna get flooded with people asking to be guitarist. If only there were drummers on here.

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I'm interested in this, has anyone else joined the band yet?
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EDIT: Damn, I don't have any mic or recording equipment.....
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Ok, I think what we should do is all post which instruments we can play which should make things easier for TS.
I can play guitar, drums & keyboard.
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The only thing I can remember though is beating the hell out of a beaver's skull. Also I think there were Pokemon there.
Guitar and bass.
I'd quite like to play bass.
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