I like crawling, its a good song. You've got skills man continue playing.
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Guitars tone is pretty good, the bass drum is way wayy too loud though. The bass drum itself doesn't have enough of a 'click' to it. It's hard to hear the guitar over the drums at times. I'd turn the guitar wayyy up in the mix.

The music is pretty cool, at times it sounds a bit like many other songs I've heard, but it's still quite nice. The lead guitar break is nice, but I would've liked to hear it made a little more elaborate and maybe go somewhere. It'd be much better with some vocals, I'm assuming growling or screaming. Pretty good song overall though, keep it up.

crit for crit?

Ooh nice tone man. I really dig that. The guitar work was pretty nice. Nice chuggin there. I don't listen to metal specifically but I liked listening to it. The drums were good, perhaps a bit quiet but it could be the lack of bass coming from these speakers.

Just got to the solo. It was really sweet man. Nice tone, it really squeals. And I like how it picks up at the end.

Overall, cool song. I couldn't find much fault really. It'd be cool with some vocals, but it sounds good enough without them too.

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thanks guys, ive actually got some ideas for making it a tad longer and more interesting now, but i wont play with them for a while :P with vocals though, alot of the song will make more sense
Pretty cool but the bass drum is a bit loud. Nice and heavy though great feel to it, I like when the second guitar comes in. Please check mine on my profile.

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