Alright, so I found a great deal on some Halo basses. Now I'm debating between the GVK (ash body, maple neck, tunematic bridge, looks cooler IMO) and the Inverted (mahogany body, mahogany neck, thru-body style bridge). Which do you guys think would be better for playing basically all genres, mostly rock though? Thanks

EDIT: Here's a link to the basses: http://www.haloguitars.com/bass.html
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The inverted and the Octavia are the only two I'd even consider, they're awful looking basses!

I'd choose the Inverted due to the fact I prefer Mahogany wood to Ash.

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Have you played either of said basses?
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Have you played either of said basses?

Dude, they look so hXc you don't even need to think about trying them out!
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