i finally convinced my roommate that if i gave her an extra 50 bucks a month i could get a drum set, she cant stand loud noise. ive been wanting to learn drums for so long and the time is now. but i have no idea whats good, whats bad, what to look for, ect. so if someone could point me in the right direction of a good starter kit, like no more the $500, and any advise is welcome.

If you look into an electronic drum set you can cut down on noise. I can see noise being a problem regardless of the money you give her.
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There's nothing wrong with an electric kit...V drums are really good and most people, like 95%, won't notice the difference in sound.

That said, Mapex makes decent kits. Peavey has a good starter set too.
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what about Pulse drums? ive found a few complete kits from them that are like $400. i know thats kinda cheap, since out brands like Tama and Pearl's low end stuff starts out at $600, and im sure you get what you pay for right?
I looked at the MF reviews, and if you're a beginner the Pulse seems to be ok...I imagine you get what you pay for though. If it's like CB's kits, the drums will sound pretty good but the hardware will be a little cheap and the cymbals will sound like trash can lids. Drums are a little easier to get a good sound with than guitars are...new heads, good cymbals, and a good beater are really all you need if you're not in a travelling band or something
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GET ELECTRIC... You will hardly ever be able to really beat on a drum set if you have a roommate/live in an apartment/ live within 200 feet of another house. Personally the electronic ones seem plenty good enough tto learn on and they have different sounds built into them.


I actually have a pulse drum set and it sounds fun, a friend of mine actually uses the drums for gigs sometime, ofcoure he has better cymbals to use with it. But really all drums will sound atleast partially decent as long as you can keep a rythm
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Yeah, you can get a Yamaha electric set for about $550 i think... But im English and live by the £ so dont trust me fully
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ive looked at the electric kits and theyre like $550 at least, and that doenst include an amp which is another $200. and my neighbors wont mind, i live in a trailor park and the lots are like 20-30 feet apart and one neighbor is a coke head and other sells weed, so i wont have to worry about them complaining about the noise cause they dont really care

these are some kits ive found and want yalls opinion on
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that Pulse drum pack was my first kit. The cymbals are ****, but the shells are pretty ok if you tune them right. stuff a pillow in the kick drum and go for it.
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do you know if there is a difference in them besides the color?

also, can someone recomend me a really good throne? im a big dude, 6 foot 330 pounds
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