Planning on buying a S Prestige series Ibanez Guitar, and there we have there following ones:

SV5470: Has problems with staying in tune, according to what I have read about it.
S5470: In this case some people claim, the down side is the pickup.
S2170: Don’t really know so mush about it, only that some are not pleased with the Wizard II Prestige neck…they claim it it’s to thick.

Would like to hear you opinion about these guitars, witch one would you choose and why.
need I say try them all out?

If you're so intent on getting an Ibanez, due to looks or reputation for quickness or whatever reason, you should definitely play all of these in store somewhere. I know they have really cheap guitars that are supposedly very fast and playable, but if you start crossing the thousand dollar mark, you should try them to see if those problems you mentioned are problems for you.

For instance:
Schecter C-1 Blackjack = amazing. one of my favorite guitars.
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser with Active EMG pickups: Blah. Unimpressive.
With guitars, the only opinion you really need is your own, apart from a few special cases.

On the s2170, try out the neck for yourself, it might just be what you're looking for, as well as the pickups, different people like different sounds.

Bottom line, try em yourself.

Good luck with choosing one
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i havent tried any of the new prestiges yet but ive got a RGA prestige and ive played several RG prestiges, im an RG and SZ guy , and i love the feel of a wizard prestige neck!
with the pickups problem, you can just replace the pickups yourself, at least, you can choose your own type.

but yea, as they say it: try if first. especially the neck problem, might be just the right thickness you need or some sort. just try it.