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yesterday I spent a lot of hours playing guitar, it was all ok until i decided to download some Metallica tabs and tried to play them.

I mean, I know Kirk Hammet is a beast, but stuff like for example "Fight Fire With Fire" solo seems to me sooooooooooooo far away from my skill that I have the feeling that it doesnt matter how much I practice I will never get to play such thing properly.

I can play things now that I thought impossible long ago (nothing impressive tbh), but it doesnt help me to feel better.

I've been thinking about buying an ESP SV STANDARD guitar, but now I just dont feel worth of having such beauty.

i think i wont practice today at all, lost all motivation
Don't beat yourself up, it takes time and patience to become great at anything. It's the same with anything; practice, practice, practice, and more practice. Don't feel bad for having time off though, forcing yourself to do it isn't constructive. Have a few days rest and play again.

I also tell my pupils to do a little practice, but often. 3 or 4 15 minute sessions a day is better than a full hour. Split it up, do other things with your day. I'm sure people on here could play guitar for 9 hours straight but it'd send me insane.
well that solo actually isn't the hardest thing on the world, and it definitely isn't impossible to play, kirk is way overrated as a guitarist and there are thousands of guitarists better than him, so don't give up, those solos look nasty but when you try to play them you'll see that they aren't that tough
i know how you feel, ive been there... after i saw avenged sevenfold live i got so pissed off that i couldnt play like him...
just dont give up, im probably no nearer to playing like him, but i play cuz i liek playin, not so i can be the best guitarist.
Look a back a few months or years, and try to remember how the stuff you're playing now seemed completely impossible at the time.
If you already feel like this, you won't get far. Attitude and practice are importart. Just take small steps and work towards your goal. Your progress will be slow, but remember that you are moving.
Idk. I'm tired.
so...I play electric guitar for 8 months now and Metallica is my favourite band...I thought I wouldnt be able to play any solo of Metallica song instead of Nothing Else matters...than I tried Unforgiven and I can play it all including artifical harmonics...try it its not really hard...than I tried Harvester of Sorrow and it sounds good Im practising first solo of Four Horsemen...and I nearly get it..and last off all...I was bored so I tried Ride the Lightning...and I can play first minute of the have to go in steps...try knocking on heavens door solo and intro solo fade to black and stairway to heaven and paranoid...
Quote by Gauss
kirk is way overrated as a guitarist and there are thousands of guitarists better than him

..that's not really the issue though is it. he's better than you.
this too shall pass.

That's what the blues was designed
Play what you feel.
Play wheather you want to or not.
Play wheather you think you're good or not
Play no matter what.
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When I feel depressed I play guitar, I dont contemplate quiting it.

Dont play to get good, it's very doubtfull you'll ever play professionally, so dont worry about it. I dont think you should plan practise sessions or even make plans to play guitar, just play for fun (if that was anymore cliche...)
Hey... come on bro! There are some times in life when you feel like you are good for nothing. But when time passes by... everything gets easier. As we all know, there are stages of a guitarist life. when u are still a kid, you cannot play the stuffs in which even elders stumble! Just be cool, feel comfortable with what you CAN play and practise the boring fingering and plucking lessons teachers teach... one day we will see you playing nasty solos even better than kirk!
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i reckon the best thing is dont be a pussy, you should stick with it and maybe find something else to focus on, if you dont feel like playing guitar try learning some theory, or get something to motivate you like a new pedal or guitar book or get your mates together and start a band, and another thing is dont try to play at the same speed as the song build up to it
Quote by Gacel
my goal: <--- watching this dude playing makes me feel like ****

im not gonna quit guitar, but definitely im taking a break today

I bet he doesn't get any ass because he just sits in his room and plays Children of Bodom all day.

As for the discouragement, I was about to post something like this last night. I am a bit frustrated and I am NOT a bad guitarist. I have recorded albums and written tons of songs and I am better than everyone I meet. However sometimes I see people I know or knew on video or on television or on stage and I get the feeling that I might not be talented enough, or I might not be good enough. The feeling that there are better guitarists than you out anywhere and everywhere is natural. It will never go away because the fact of the matter is there is no song that you can't write that some kid in some third world country cannot learn to play perfectly to a T. It is NOT hard if you just practice a single song to be able to play that song perfectly. I used to do this with violin when I was younger as part of the Suzuki meathod. If you expand yourself and become more than just a guitarist, become more than just another shouldered weapon, and you learn theory and how to write your own music and how those songs were produced in the first place, that is where the power and comfort really is.
Well, Jimi Henrix once said:
Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you'll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you're gonna be rewarded.
I'm completely self-taught and got better just by jamming to good tunes. Basically if I wanted to learn something but figured out if was out of my reach after an hour or two of practice, I would search for something a little bit easier and master that. Learning new songs really helps improve your playing (duh) and if you learn a bunch of **** easier than that you will eventually have the skills to play it. Get it?
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Don't measure yourself against other people, measure yourself against how you played a month ago. Record some stuff regularly (anything you can play at the time, not just stuff you can play perfectly), then when you feel like your not progressing you can look back and think "Wow, i was crap at that song then, and now i can play it easily". Also, set yourself targets like "Next week i'll be able to play this solo" then you will be more driven to learn it by next week.

If you find that you can't stop comparing yourself to other guitarists then when you do just remember how long they must have practised to get where they are and try and make that motivate you.
Quote by MV4824
Man, just brush up on some scale theory! You'll be soloing in no time... TRUST ME Kirk Hammet is terrible at guitar (I can already feel UG yelling at me now..) I bet 3/4 of the guitarists on UG are better than him.. Metallica (and their overrated-ness) will just be a stage for you (It's either a stage, or you continue with it and turn into the majority of UG'ers who are metalheads).

Don't quit man.. and UG don't blast me too much for saying that ^

i agree i doubt im better but im 13 so hey! :P and except malmsteen, alexi laiho and petrucci there aernt any true masters at guitar in metal.

and to someone above saying 9 hours your wrong, i play about 6 hours on a daily basis and have got 18 before

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IF you wanna be a good guitar only get out what you
put into it. You can be a great just have to want it bad
enough to play everyday until u get there...
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Quote by Ordinary
this too shall pass.

That's what the blues was designed
Play what you feel.
Play wheather you want to or not.
Play wheather you think you're good or not
Play no matter what.

Blues rocks. Not the stuff I play the most so to speak, but I love listening to it, and it's always lots of fun :p

But yeah, just practice. It'll come in time. When I started out, I never expected to get much further than chords in the time I have played by now, and stuff that seemed impossible back then, is now easy as hell.
Stuff that seems impossible now, will maybe be playable in the future :p.

I don't aim to be the worlds best, just to have enough technical skill to play the music I wan't to play, and being able to play the music I hear inside my head.
That's whats driving me.
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Dude. You're an adult with responsibilities (yeah, I checked your profile before responding). I know it sucks to see how fast the kids can progress compared to us adults, but as long as you're not losing ground you're doing good. When I was taking a class with a bunch of traditional undergraduate students a couple years ago, I had to keep telling myself not to compare myself to the kids who could sit there practicing for hours on end or the professor taking the class whose kids were grown and that as long as the professor was happy with my progress, I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

If you're feeling too overwhelmed right now, it's OK to take some time off, do something else that feeds your soul and come back to your instrument when you're ready. And if the new guitar could be the inspiration you need, go for it.
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Quote by metallicafan616
and except malmsteen, alexi laiho and petrucci there aernt any true masters at guitar in metal.

Hehehe, that's a good one.

It'd be best to get into your flame-bunker now.

I'll start: Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Joe Stump, Michael Romeo, MAB, just about any death metal guitarist, the Amott brothers, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert... you can go on and on with this.
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Quote by MV4824
You'll be soloing in no time... TRUST ME Kirk Hammet is terrible at guitar (I can already feel UG yelling at me now..) I bet 3/4 of the guitarists on UG are better than him..

In that case, you're one of the other 1/4 unless you can prove otherwise with videos of your playing. Put up or shut up.

TS: When you're depressed about guitar, take a couple days off from it. I guarantee you you'll want to play again, and you'll remember exactly why you picked it up in the first place.
Quote by silentdud
I bet he doesn't get any ass because he just sits in his room and plays Children of Bodom all day.

First comes the guitar skills then comes the ass. Almost all virtuosos had no life when the were 12-18 because they played 10-18 hours a day. Now I can almost guarantee that they get better ass and more ass than anybody on this site does.

Also to he guy said that theres not many great guitarists besides Alexi, Petrucci, and Malmsteen is a complete idiot. Almost all Death metal guitarists put Alexi to shame and they easily rival Malmsteen and Petrucci.
whenever i get like this i improvise a ten minute guitar solo and think of how many people cant do that
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If you're depressed about playing guitar, you really need to examine WHY you're
playing. Why did you pick it up in the first place and stay with it long enough to
make at least some progress?

There's likely lots of reasons. The desire to look/be cool, get girls, make a lot of
money without having to work a real job, show you're "better than" others... Reasons
like that are of the ego. If you're really honest with yourself and the answer to
"your why" seems to be in that category, I think it's pretty doubtful you're going to
have any kind of lasting relationship with the guitar -- at least until your reasons
change. It's inevitable you're going to get depressed and frustrated and most
likely quit.

On the other hand if your reasons are more along the lines of a desire to learn,
find out more about yourself, explore where your truth is in playing guitar, seeing
how far you can take something with honest effort... you'll probably be with it
a while. This type of answer to the "why" question is pretty much free of depression
and frustration because it's really YOUR reason, not an ego reason.
Ain't nothing like ass to mess up you're guitar
I mean you get ass...but after that you might have to wipe me on this becuase a cry baby is not

and you can kiss the SVR, Jacksons...ect away for a while.

So you gatta go kiss some more freken ass during
the day..all freaken day. On a good day you'll get ass and
wipe ass.lmao If you're good at it..she migth make dinner

On a bad day..the last thing on your mind is picking a block
of wood with strings on But that's only thing that's
going to keep you sane from too much ass in your life.lmao

To rub it in even're HS buddy that you used to jam with
made it to the big time playing arenas touring the world making ablums, vedio, and
a crap loads of money..becuase he played it no matter what
inspite of it all while you been messing with
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great things come in time :stickpoke
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Well kirk hammet has been playing for quite a while. If i worried about not being able to play my favorite guitarists solos all the time id be depressed too. I find more satisfaction in playing my own songs, and in time im sure they will become alot better as i get better. Watching dragonforce live makes me feel better about my guitar playing also. Seriously.
Solos like that should be your motivation, not get rid of it.
Quote by dudetheman
So what? I wasted like 5 minutes watching DaddyTwoFoot's avatar.

Metalheads are the worst thing that ever happened to metal.
Just don't stop playing.

When you're depressed, just keep playing. Don't stop.

You'll get there.
almost no one will be the best at anything but its fun to try
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Variate what you play, I play Metallica alot and I know that playing the songs from one band limits your patience with playing. Throw in some really random **** to try every now and then.

On an unrelated note, can someone tell me when Kirk Hammett tried/claimed to be an immense jaw dropping amazing guitarist? It's about the feel he plays, about how many people "get" it and the influence he has on guitar. Thats where calling him a guitar legend comes from.

*cough* I'm done.
Quote by Gacel

I can play things now that I thought impossible long ago...

There's your answer... 'impossible is nothing' as the advert says. Just keep at it.
It's the best damn thing in the world, dont give it up, you will hate yourself.
Practice every day all things you want to do: speedpicking, legato licks and so on.
And so you come closer to Hammett...
Don't give up or do something stupid.

If you feel depressed, GO SEEK HELP RIGHT AWAY

Depression is particularly nasty and insidious. A good therapist can do amazing things, without medication.
Its like climbing a ladder man,you gotta take it one step at a time to reach the level you wanna get to.Like practicing other licks and stuff will build up your speed,stretch,accuaracy and all the other stuff.Then once you go back to the solo you'll look at it and go "hey that part is sorta like that lick i learned the other day".

So its like easier......
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