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Shorts and sunshine legs

Girls blooming in the quick heat
The average ones I always passed by
Flare and flower quickly
Teasing me with their
Dangling vines
But its the eye-jerk, smile-twitch
The true accessories of Aphrodite
Who burst like the dahlias
Their full stems exposed
Balloons of jutting flesh
Every inch purging,
Oh God
Like torturous roses,
Tempting apples in the garden
The flashing petals leave the cider fruit
Blushing at its core
How does one survive such
Billsfully naked limbs?

Temptress - That Last Spring Storm

We bathed in the backlash of
a single ruptured lung,
her spit a pantheons' fist,
her fist a mnemonic graft -
while she stumbled,
her arms outstretched,
we dodged.
The coughing waned and
her voice broke upon our spines,
as saliently as the rain
beats against our calloused skin.
We coat our hands in lye;
bury them in alchemists’ soil,
and sprout limbs that cannot
handle the synthesis of aging.
We cling to bones
being worn throughout the seasons,
as the bells atop tulip stems
pendulate until they break -
the weight of their existence
a toll many cannot take.

We shroud this land in jaded plooms,
a battalion of bloom -
as defeatist as we are conceited
in our verdant hoards -
her fortified limbs become
the veils that launder light instead.
Our existence is constant,
yet our roots have no backgrounds,
for there's nothing more unnatural
than a mother burying her son.
Her fingers wrap their way around
our embodied boughs and
in a single breath, she lifts us
from the dirt and scatters us
to the Earth, for yet another year.
Wow I got raped.
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btw Jamie for the seasonal comps you only need a 1st and 2nd. Since there's a 3rd place playoff, give the winner of that the usual 2 pts.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Oh. Alrighty then.

I shall.

EDIT: Good comp, by the way, guys and girls. Thanks to all for their pieces; two comps in a row now that I've held and I haven't had to deduct any points, so thanks, makes everything a lot easier.

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