I've got a Marshall Valvestate 8080 amp, that I bought second-hand a couple of years ago. I believe that the amp itself was made in the beginning of the 90's. When I bought it, it had lots of trouble with noisy, worn out pots and it still has those problems despite using lots of contact spray on them, so I'm thinking about replacing them. Does anyone know a place (preferably non-us) where I can buy a set of replacement pots for it?

Secondly, when I turn on the amp, it sometimes makes a loud buzzing noise, that quickly fades out, but then ends with a loud click, before I'm able to use the amp. It's not annoying or anything, as it's a very quick process, but I fear that something's wrong with the amp and it would, eventually, end up killing it. Does anyone know what causes that, if it's dangerous and how to fix it?

I have the same amp and alot of trouble with it, i think you should replace it, its what i am going to do. The amp has a nice sound to it but its not reliable
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Well, I don't find it unreliable. It just needs new pots, and perhaps a solution for the buzz-thing. I wouldn't consider replacing it, as I have no money and I love the sound of the amp.
Well, I'm not planning on buying them until after september, as I turn 18 at that time and get some money from the state (education support, it's called in Denmark). So I was actually looking for a shop/dealer that I could get them from at that time. But at that time, I'd say max. 50 GBP, or what's similar in other currencies (and I'd prefer to get them from someone in Europe, as it costs an awful lot to import from the US and other non-EU countries).

But thanks for the offer anyways
It would also be nice, if someone knew which pots are used and where they are on the amp (ohm, shaft type, etc.), so that I could just get some from a local electronics shop.