so were having trouble getting pub gigs playing only originals,
we have plenty of our own shows and a huge fanbase that come to see our songs. but we have been playing a few pub gigs lately and its obvious that theese twenty year olds just wanna hear some songs the recognise.

we dont wanna play the level one clishe songs, eg smells like teen spirit, and that, iv tried to get the bands second most famous song.

so yeh, we wont be learning them all. i just made the list for my band to decide twenty or so they wanna learn.

even if we dont preform them all, it will surely give us more ideas and strengthen our sound.

so do you like my list?
got any 2nd most famous songs youd like to add?

Heart shaped box- nirvana
isreals son- silverchair
pretty handsom awkward- the used.
Around the world- red hot chilli peppers.
The boy who destroyed the world, miss murder, leacing song- AFI
i bet that you look good on the dancefloor- arctic monkeys.
Burn it down, unholy confessions- avenged sevenfold
shakedown- behind crimson eyes.
Try honesty, where is the line, surredender- billy talent
heres your letter- blink 182
the end with you- boxcar racer
no way back, the pretender, long road to ruin- foo fighters.
Forever malcom young, cruelty to animals, never had so much fun- frenzal rhomb
secrets dont make friends- from first to last
superman, answers- goldfinger
ready one- grinspoon
sweet child o mine- guns n roses.
Leaving home- jebidiah
funky tonight- john butler trio
mr brightside- the killers
do do's and whoa whoa's- kisschasey
from here on in, english army, roll on, prisoner of socioty- the living end
enter sandman- metalica
highway donkey- millencolin
defy you- the offspring
know your enemy, killing in the name, take the power back- rage against the machine
discography- rise against
god save the queen, emi, anarchy in the uk- sex pistols
angles with dirty faces- sum 41
chop suey, toxicity, something stupid- system of a down
make danm sure- taking back sunday
just like you- three days grace
lycanthrope- +44
Well you're just one big walking cliche aren't you.

Edit: But I guess if that's what you play then fine.
Ok they're all pretty well known and cliched anyway. for Rage look at third album stuff. it's far more interesting.
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how did you forget guns roses - sweet child o mine, dont cry
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if they do covers that no one knows they may aswell play their own songs!!

eithwer u play a few known covers or ALL originals.

heres a few covers: jet - are u gna be my girl (great fun)
darkness - i believe in a thing called love
metallica - fade to black/for whom the bell tolls

and many more
I would actually say make that the Ultimate List of Covers You Shouldn't Cover..
and then do other ones..
The whole point of doing covers is to do things that your audience will know. If you want to know the truth, the best covers to do are none.
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if u have plenty of shows and a "huge" fanbase i dont really see why you have to do this at all...


Unless you're really like to play covers, I'd start to phase out the covers and use more originals.