I'm gonna roadie for my friend's band at a gig next month, and he has an Alexi-600, and he has no allen key for it. So, I'm just gonna get him and the band set up, but since he doesn't have any I'll have to get some myself.

Can anyone tell me the sizes for the locking nut and the actual Floyd?

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The nut & bridge will be the same size.... I dunno what the size is though
Can't you just get a set of em and see which one fits
Those little sets they sell where it's like an allen key swiss army knife would serve you well to own, in general. They also make something called, appropriately enough, The Guitar Tool, that I do believe has each key size you'll run across, but I've also seen two different tools called The Guitar Tool, so you'll have to make sure you got the right one.


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