Im looking to buy a delay pedal, a freind of mine suggested the boss DD-3. Would that pedal work fine with a bass or is ther another pedal that would?
The Boss DD series work very well with the bass!
Although the DD-3 is considered to have less features than its followers in the series, many find it a great delay pedal.
I prefer the Boss DD-5 but they stopped making those.
I use a DD-6 with my bass, and it sounds great as long as it's in my effects loop instead of in front of my amp (and a delay should be at the end of a signal chain anyway, so perfect). I don't know about the dd3, but the 6 does change the tone just a wee bit when it is bypassed, but that would be true with a guitar or any other instrument too. DD + Bass= no problem
Yeah, the DD-6 is sick. Definetely one of the best values out there. Boss has always been pretty decent when it comes to modulation. It's all personal preference, though. PLAY BEFORE YOU PAY! Go on a spree the day you have cash in hand and ask to play every delay pedal your shop sells. They shouldn't complain unless you don't buy one, which is why you should wait until you have the cash, and are ready to purchase.

It's pretty hard to go wrong with a DD-3 or DD-6, though. Just remember to decide based on what kind of sound/features YOU want.
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Along with the boss, try DigiTech DigiDelay. Another pedal that for the price, does the job nicely. Jack is right; try a few in your price range--it in the end its going to come down to personal preference for sound and options.
I have an Akai Headrush E2, the delay is quite good, and it has a neat looping option as wel =).
I have no idea about the American price, though, but in Europe it's relatively cheap (a bit cheaper than a DD3).
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