When I bend at the 17th fret on the string, it cuts out before i get a half step. Whats wrong with it? (P.S. Its not the pickups or my technique. It only happens at the 17th.)
its your action/set up
its a dead spot, meaning that when you bend it up the string will also hit the next fret and the note will die
have you changed to heavier gauge strings recently? thats a common cause

i suggest getting your guitar set up
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Heavier string gauge would actually partly solve the issue, as they vibrate less.

It could be a high fret, or the string heigth being simply too low. But if it only happens at the 17th fret, it means your 18th or 19th (most likely the 18th) is too high. A tech could solve that quickly.

Could also be a 'tongue' issue... basically the section of the neck that's in the body should be relatively straight, but in some cases it's not... it can cause issues this high up... but that's a way more advanced problem.