okay so... i was playin my guitar earlier (ibanez RG2550E) after restringing it... and well...the tremolo arm snapped and part of it is stuck in the hole thing, so i turned it over, undid the backplate to see if i could do anything to pop it out, saw a screw on the bottom of what i think was the tremolo arm slot (for lack of its proper name).
anyway, i undid it, and i couldnt get it back on, and theres another little metal bit that came off with the screw...
anyway, i was wondering if there is anything i could do to solve this problem??
or will i have to take it to the music shop and see what they can do?
i'd rather do it myself, as town is an hour away from where i live, and my dads pretty handy, he could be able to do it if i cant, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

(sorry bout the lengthy essay... )
I'd suggest you find the little metal bit that came off when u unscrewed and find out what the hell it is.

If you cant find the right thing the take apart, take it to the music shop. You dont really wanna go messin about if you arent experienced with guitar tech.
ive got all the bits, i can get my dad to put the metal bit and screw back on probably, i just want to know how to get the snapped part of the tremolo arm out...
on my bridge when this happend i was able to unscrew the steel block that the top of the tremelo sits on the whammy bar was then sticking out about 5mm-10mm and i undid it with a pair of pliers if you cant grab either end your gonna have to take the bridge out drill out the rest of the tremelo arm and re thread it. i dont see any other way
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i got the little metal bit and screw back on, now its just the little bit or the arm stuck in the hole thats the problem.