I have a TASCAM US144 and CUBASE LE 4. I also bought an microphone, an AKG Perception 100. but somehow i cant get anything recorded. Everytime I start recording, it dosnt record at all. Everything is set up as far as i know, TASCAM is connected and installed, CUBASE as well, mic is plugged in and the power is on. When the mic is in the TASCAM i can hear my self, the same goes for my bass. But somehow its isnt going into CUBASE. Everytime i start up CUBASE it says there's something wrong with: ASIO Direct Sound Full Duplex Driver. I found where it is but I dont know how to turn it on.

So, what is wrong, what am I forgeting or what am I doing worng. Please help me.

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so you went to aiso4All and installed that driver already..?

uninstall everything and try this step by step trying to plug into a different USB port than you did last time.

1) install aiso4all
2) go into your control panel and disable your stock sound card.
3) go to the tascam site and load the latest drivers for your interface
4) when that's loaded plug your interface into the computer, (try a different port than last time)
5) when it all loads up open Cubase and go into its prefrence page to select your interface as the input and output source.

I have never used Cubase or this tascam interface so I dont really know how the layout of the prefs page looks like or how to set this all up but its basically the same for most recording device setups.

If you can monitor directly from the interface that means its working fine but if the audio isnt going down the usb into the program its a software/setting issue.

I know others here use Cubase and I think one or two members have that tascam interface so they should be a little more helpful if they see this thread.