I've made my own guitar - a Jaguar inspired guitar. I've rigged it with a dimarzio superdistortion at the bridge and a dimarzio paf at the neck. The wiring diagram for the Jaguar says that you should use 1 meg ohm pots for the volume and tone of the main circuit. So I did. The guitar has an incredibly nice sound, but when I turn down the volume of the main circuit, I only have to turn it a little bit (from 10 to 8, according to the knob) before all sound disappears. Is there something I could do that will make the range a little larger, so that the volume isn't turned off, until the pot is completely counter-clockwise, but will keep the clear, trebly sound from the 1 meg ohm pot?

Sounds like you used the wrong kind of pot for the volume. Check that it's Logarithmic rather than Linear (I believe that's the correct way around...)
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yeah, you have it the right way around

you used a linear pot
you should have used a logarithmic pot

humans hear logarithmically (in order for something to be twice as loud, you need to multiply the output by 10), a linear pot is the other way around, twice as loud, multiply by 2.
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