okay for all of the people that are going to hate me for this, I looked through six pages of ipod help threads and I didn't find the ONLY ipod help thread, so please dont hate me for this...

anyways, I got a few cds over the past few weeks, and when I finally get home from holiday, I put them into itunes, but when I plug the usb in, nothing registers on my computer, the Ipod will charge, but it won't come up anywhere, and I've looked everywhere on my computer, but it's not there.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I would greatly appreciate some help with this because I'm pretty much without the six CDs I just bought, and that really gets to me.

thanks in advance,

You may need a newer version of iTunes. what i POd have you got?
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I have a third generation Nano 8 gig

try updating your iTunes. if that doesn't work it could be your USB port. It needs to be usb 2.0 so if you have a fairly olddddd olddddd computer it probably won't work. Maybe try another USB port at the back or front of the computer.
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Sorry awful Anglish.
did you update your itunes? if not do that and update your ipod software,. that might work.
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Sorry awful Anglish.