no chorus yet.
may also add more verses.

Hell Trippin'

Verse 1.
Were going on a one way trip, Going Down to hell
I met the devil and his friends, but boy did they rebel
I never knew that hell was on earth
But I know its underneath Perth
Yes now I know its underneath perth

Verse 2.
The underworld is very dark, yes I know it is
I used to have a torch but it, ran out of batteries
It’s a long way down ,down here
And nobody is near
Except for the devil and his lies!

verse 3.
The Devil plays a mean guitar
Have you seen him groove
There’s only one thing that I know
Those licks are frickin’ smooth
When the devil does his thing
He’ll give you such a sting

please say what you think
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Not my style of music, but it's pretty cool, would be a hit if ACDC sang it
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