Hey i bought a Ibanez TBX15 but i don't know if it's a good amp, please write some opinions. I don't play on a band, just in my bedroom LOL...
If you own it, why don't you just go play it and see if it's good?

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Don't be so worried about UG thinks. If you liked it enough to buy it then stick with it.
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I have that thing..I use it for vocals now...
After 1 year of use...3 times it was to half...otherwise to 1/4 the speaker started to buzz...I have tightened the screws but the buzz is still there...
otherwise I kinda like it...but of course it's no match to a all tube amp.
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Bit late to ask now, isn't it? It's great at what it does - a litttle lightweight and affordable combo for learning on or messing about at home - but a good amp? No way, it's complete crap. In a league table of all guitar amps ever made, it'd be in the bottom 3%. But if it does the job, that's irrelevant....