Well we wrote this pretty simple song some time ago and would love some critic on it .

Now I'm not sure if this falls more under the "metalcore" genre or the "melodeath" one (they can be so damn obscure sometimes) but anyway that's beside the point I guess.

Edit: Something wrong with the upload

Edit 2:Working

Edit 3:Just noticed I forgot to put the format of the tab in the title. Well the zip includes GP4&5 tabs.
The Last Dawn.zip
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Critting as i go..

Ok, first of all this is probably metalcore.

the intro is a bit generic, but thats not a problem ^^.

the second time through on the riff at 17-24 needs something, maybe a little bit of lead work, or switch the drums a bit.

Love the part at "2" and "kertsi"

Aw. i was a bit let down that you didn't continue the leadwork at 123

ok, and the ending was a bit out of place. Probably should have added a quarter note at the end and a fill with the drums or something.

Yeah this was definately metalcore. Honestly, it was a bit generic as well.

it also had a few flowing problems due to the repeats that you used. i know it saves time, but it sometimes affects the flow, like you'll have the drums transitioning and then the riff starts over, and you lose the build-up.

i'd give this a 7/10 because it's pretty well built, and it's probably a song i'd listen too. had a lot of catchy riffs, but also alot of riffs that have been done before.

Work a bit on originality ^^

Crit mine?
Thanks for the crit. It sure is a bit generic I agree, mostly because we used those over used chord progressions all the time but meh I guess we were too lazy with this one. Oh yeah and the repeats are indeed there because I suck at making drum fills and just wanted to go the easy way.

I'll go see your work right away now.

Oh and btw we have this recorded at http://www.myspace.com/blindnm but the quality leaves alot to be desired.