OK, so I tung oiled my 100% maple neck, thinking it would look good (it does ), and thinking it would be really fast (it is ). Then I found out that since oil doesn't keep out moisture, my neck would likely warp ( ).

Can I merely sand off the oil (that doesn't make sense to me because it is absorbed into the oil). I want to put a lacquer on it. I'm not sure if I want it matte or gloss, I'll decide later.

What I need to know is,

1: Will my tung oiled neck likely warp, do I even have to worry about this (I live in a cold climate, my home's relative humidity is around 30% for 8 months, and like 70% for 4 months lol!).

2: If I have to get rid of the oil and lacquer my neck, how would I go about doing this? What is the best way to remove oil?

Thanks a ton in advance to anyone who can help!
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Oil does repel water. Just dont take a shower with it. There are plenty of tung oil finished guitars out there.
Well, it's no going to warp easily from humditiy and such (unless you're in Florida or something), it's predominantly sweat etc. The thing with 100% tung oil is it never really cures, it stys kind of gummy. I think you should be able to sand some of and use an oil which contains hardeners (like tru-oil) if you're really worried, though your neck you should be fine as it is, if you don't throw i in a pool of water or something...
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