I recently got myself a nice Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster, but felt something was missing. It plays nicely and all that but I was hoping new pickups would:

1. Increase output, give it a bit more drive
2. Increase the sustain a bit more as the notes don't ring as long as I want them to
3. Give it a bit more growl and a bit less twang and a punchier sound with less treble

Don't get me wrong, I like the tele a lot but at the moment there is far too much twang and treble, I can barely hear any notes (when the tone is on full). Pickups wise, I was wondering if this would help:

Neck: Dimarzio Area T
Mid (Nashvilles have start single coils here): Lace Sensor Purple
Bridge: Dimarzio Chopper T

these are all relatively high output compared to the tex mex stock ones I believe. At the moment I'm playing the tele through an effects chain of: a whammy, Boss OD3, EHX line booster, Boss Re20 and an EHX debugger into a fender pro junior. I tend to play Radiohead, Smiths, Interpol and Bloc Party.

Would these pickups be a good idea or are there better alternatives? Or is it worth me getting a different guitar? (preferreably not the last one)
Any help with this before it falls of the face of the earth?

Does what I'm describing sound like I want humbuckers? I am having serious considerations about replacing the guitar now. It seems like getting new pickups is a risk as it could be a waste of money if it doesn't solve my problems and then the guitar might not sell (or decrease in value) with such an un-tele combination of pickups.
It's your amp, man. Pro Juniors are very trebly (and don't have EQ knobs, do they?), and Telecasters are as well.
Damn. Now that is inconvenient. I'd much prefer it to be something else rather than the amp, I can't imagine its worth too much and don't want to have to replace it.

Can anyone confirm this, or is there a remedy?
Quote by Danno13
It's your amp, man. Pro Juniors are very trebly (and don't have EQ knobs, do they?), and Telecasters are as well.

pro juniors do have a tone knob, so you can cut the treble. I've actually worked with a band whose rhythm guitarist used this setup minus the pedals (and his was a MIM standard tele, and a modded MIA standard with a neck humbucker, so probably less trebly than the nashville), but he had his tone knob at about 9 o'clock if i remember correctly, and it sounded quite trebly, but not too trebly. just right lol.
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Alright, i had a good hour long session with the tele and the pro junior. I think the problem lies with the tele and single coil pickups, they sound really weak unless I have my overdrive pedal on full gain; I can't quite squeeze that sound I'm after from the tele. I guess its all those years on my epiphone dot, I've got used to the humbucker feel and it seems more versatile and a bit more growly.

So now I'm considering a new guitar and amp... may have to change the thread title.