I've been posting about the Epiphone G-400 a lot (here )

but now i found another guitar that caught my eye called the Epiphone LP100. (here )

Im on a budget and the Les Paul is considerably less. what one do you think i should get as my second guitar?
i cant stand SG's and i owned the LP-100 for a while. i really liked that guitar, but i traded it for my RG7321 . get it, its a very versatile guitar. i was playing death metal with that guitar.
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LP100's not a bad guitar, but the G400 is miles better, IMO. The LP100 has a bolt on neck (just totally wrong for a Les Paul), cruddy pickups, so-so wiring...might not be horrible, but the 400 is just a much better guitar.

Go to GC and play both, see what you think feels better.
No guitar center for a few hundred miles from me =P I play Rock/Classic Rock. Kinda gettin into Blues now too.
flat top LP=meh

and without binding, i wouldnt go near it

SG for me, but thats close in price to a epi LP standard
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cheapest schecter i could find was $619. little too much.

Go to musiciansfriend, they get a lot cheaper than that.
you're left handed? no for classic rock... it'll probably work i guess rofl.
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