I was just wondering if a guitar with an OFR stays in tune better than a regular bridge. It seems like a stupid question even to me but I'm still wondering
Yes but it takes longer to tune and set up. Also if you break a string the guitar goes comepletely out of tune so have a backup for a gig. They are completely worth it though.
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the staying in tuen on OFRs comes mainly from the locking nut..so technically if you have any bridge but install a lokcing nut or locking tuners then it should be similar
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what is a OFR.? sorry for my stupidity..
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original floyd rose. LFR is licensed floyd rose (not made by them but is "licensed" by them)
floyds stay in tune very well.. your headstock could break off and it will still stay in tune.
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I was just wondering if a guitar with an OFR stays in tune better than a regular bridge. It seems like a stupid question even to me but I'm still wondering

yeah man, in my opinion, a floyd rose is the best way to go.
i have one on my dean, and it rarely gets out of tune.
the only problem is when i want to change tunings, it takes a while, unless the tuning isn't that much of a drastic change (like drop d) where you can use the fine tuning knobs at the bridge.

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What about the sustain with an ofr?

yeah, the sustain isn't as long as it would be without it, but that really just depends on the brands and stuff (you can talk to your guitar dealer about what would be best for you).
if you're gonna play stuff like floyd with long bended notes and stuff, i might recommend to just use a normal bridge. but for faster paced music or anything that would require whammy bar usage i would say the FR is the way to go.

EDIT: and one last thing, if you do decide to get one, make sure you learn how to properly use it and change strings, or have someone show you. i didn't and i tried changing strings and I had to take in my whole guitar to get repaired (in other words, I got owned)
there's a ton of information on the net (like the official FR site, or youtube vids) that show you how, or ask someone that knows what they're doing!!
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Thanks for the help, guys.
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Hey guys I have a JS1000 and changed the strings 3 days ago at guitar center. Now when I divebomb, everything stays tuned down a bunch and if I pull up It'll pull it back into tune. Any idea what's causing this?


Ive tuned it a bunch of times now and keep stretching them with the whammy bar then retuneing. but when i divebomb or pull up the still stay out of tune when i let go of the whammy bar.