Do you guys know any funny tv shows ,I mean Lines or conversation are funny

not some childrish situation or something like that
Recommend me any good post-hardcore band
Scrubs is all you need,
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How JDs killing you.
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Very funny

But I'd like to watch real shows not cartoons
Recommend me any good post-hardcore band
The Office is the best show ever made. Absolutely hilarious
If you have never seen it though, you need to watch a few episodes before it starts being really funny. I actually hated it the first time i watched it, now its my favorite show.
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Seinfeld is really funny, and all most of the show is is just funny everyday coversations and situations. Same with Friends most of the time. I think Home Improvement is a pretty funny show too, altho thats really more slapstick comedy.
The Office FTW!
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The Office and Family Guy suck and Scrubs gets too overly emotional which isn't very funny. Watch Peep Show.
that 70s show
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