Hey guys,
i just bought what i thought was a Fender American 1960's reissue strat, for roughly $1800, but someone looked at my pictures and said it wasnt that

could you guys please go to my profile and view the pictures i posted?

I'd kinda like to know what guitar im playing
just maybe
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Serial number?
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yah - just give us the serial number possibly, couldn't tell from pics.

here are a couple of site i found usefull.




No way that's a '60s strat, it's got a 2-point trem (old ones had 6-screw, I believe) and you will NEVER find a vintage instrument with no rust or a white paint job like that.

Looks like a regular American Strat to me.
It's just an American Standard.

If it costed 1800 US$, you've been cheated. If that's the case, go, get the money back and then kill the guy

(joking about that last thing, or not?)
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