so i have just received a block of walnut from which i will be making a skunk-striped one-piece tele neck. my question is, does anyone know if a walnut fretboard should be finished or what? i'll be doing an oil finish on the whole thing, neck body etc. and i'm not sure if i should mask off the fretboard or not.
+1 Don't finish the FB.

My parents have an old solid walnut dining room set, and whenever something wet or damp gets on the tabletop, it puts a stain in the finish (which is mostly polish of some sort...could be a french finish) we always use a chunk of walnut and just crush/rub it in.
The oil from the walnut basically erases whatever wet stain is there almost immediately.

I think this answers what you should use as the perfect FB conditioner for it. Keep a walnut in your case for drastic measures/emergencies.

Neat idea to use walnut. Very cool.

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