ok i play mostly Drop C and D Standard so what gauge do you guys think would work best?
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if your guitar's neck can handle it, try progressing from 11-50 like they've said to these eventually


at first it'll seem pretty tough to play but for metal (if that is what you play) the sound is so much better.

btw, i use these because i read about alexi laiho using them, and he plays in drop C. turns out that the set is great for standard D as well. so i wasn't randomly picking the heaviest set possible.
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i'd personally use 10-52. bottom heavy strings for heavier sounds and easier bending on thinner strings
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diadario xl lights thats what i use for D standard
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i use similar tuneings to you and i use heavy 10's, u still get the speed and bends of light strings and you get the low tone and heaviness

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